All the classrooms are speciously designed and are well furnished with necessary technical teaching aids like OHP, Slide projectors, LCD Projector and power supply.

The Institute possesses a Seminar Hall with seating capacity of 300 people. The Hall plays host to guest lectures, seminars and various presentations.

The college library has a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include :-
 Books including for particular topics or subjects as well as References books like dictionaries. Pharmacopoeia, Encyclopediasme-books etc.
 National and International Journals along with online jownds subscribed Pharmacopoeia & Magazines.
 Database and Audiovisual material.

Keeping in view the increased emphasis on technology, the Lutawan College has developed computer lab with broad band connection. The lab is equipped with sufficient number of computers with the latest configuration and software. In additions, we also have our own Internet facility through local ISP. Wi-Fi facility is also available.

A centrally located indoor stadium is being developed to provide facilities for all indoor games such as table tennis, badminton, carrom and chess. The campus has also been facilitated with a widespread outdoor area for cricket, volleyball and football.

All the laboratory are well equipped with various instrument gas connection and have the separate preparation room.Firestinguisher arrest available all the laboratories

The College also possesses a neat and clean canteen in which all types of food is being served.

The college possesses a museum exhibition more than 100 crude drugs, herbarium sheets, botanical specimens & charts of drugs & plants, colored slides of medicinal plants, patent medicines & containers of common usage in medicines.