Career & Scope of Pharmacy

Drug Inspector:- Becomes a Drug Inspector under Food & Drug Administration after qualifying entrance test of respective State.

Hospital Pharmacy/Community Pharmacy: As a Hospital Pharmacist/Community Pharmacist at any hospital to perform dispensing, compounding, documentation of medical records, trainee of drug information centre and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Pharmaceutical Industries:

Production & Manufacturing Area – As a Production Officer/Chemist to perform at production of Drug products/Drug substances, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Toiletries, Dentifrices, Blood & Plasma derived products,Surgical dressing & Sutures, Biological & Biotechnological products, Herbal/Ayurvedic/Unani formulations, Perfumery products, Biocides & Pesticides, Food & beverages, Veterinary formulations.

Research & Development/Formulation & Development – As a Research Scientist to perform Drug Discovery Process & Formulations, Natural Product & Herbal Research, Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer, Drug Regulatory Affairs (DRA), Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Clinical Trials and Intellectual Property Management (IPM).

Quality Assurance (Q.A) & Quality Control (Q.C) Department – As an officer to perform analytical testing of drugs, formulations, food & water samples, chemicals, intermediates, diagnostic reagents and bio-assays.

Marketing & Sales: As a retail chemist of own Medical Store/Bulk Drug Store; As a Medical Representative of Pharmaceutical Products; As an officer of Marketing management, Product management, Medico marketing services, Export & Import management, Retail and wholesale distribution & logistic, Business management.

Academics: As a Lecturer at Diploma in Pharmacy College, as a Lab Technician, Store-in charge at Pharmacy College

Global Opportunities: Indian Pharmacist are well accepted after qualifying needful examination of western countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Middle East countries as Community Pharmacist and Hospital Pharmacist. They can also serve at Pharma-Industries.