About Us

Hakikullah Chaudhary College of Pharmacy is the leading institute of Gonda, established in 2019 under the aegis of Shri Hakikullah Chaudhary Alpshankhyak Siksha Samiti. The institute has been established with a view to promote excellence in Pharmaceutical education and to prepare young generation to meet the challenges in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences by utilizing leading edge technologies with available resources at the Hakikullah Chaudhary College of Pharmacy. The institute is the highly well equipped laboratories with sophisticated, advanced instrument rooms, Animal house, library with computer facility, reprographic facility with unlimited internet access for students and faculty members for research and knowledge upgradation, class rooms with LCD Projectors. The institute aims to provide a simulated atmosphere at the premises to build up and boost up their confidence and competence levels. The institute regularly invites learned and eminent academicians, industrialists and dignitaries to deliver seminar and lectures to create enthusiasm and zeal among students and staff members for educational excellence.